Myanmar is in the year 1375 (in 2014). Date set by King Popa Sawrahan (in 638 AD).

04 JAN -- LUK LA YEY NEY -- Burmese Independence Day
14 FEB -- Bajoke Aung San Birthday
27 MAR -- Armed Forces Day parade in Naypyidaw
13 APR (5 days, 6 days on leap year) -- THIN JIN Water Festival -- Burmese New Year on the last day.
Mid-MAY (Full Moon) -- KA SONE (La Pyi) -- Put water on Buddha tree at Pagoda.
Mid-OCT (Full Moon & next day) -- THA DING YUT (La Pyi) -- Candles everywhere.
Buddha comes from heaven.
Mid-NOV (Full Moon, 1 night) -- TE TSONG DINE (La Pyi) -- Candles on water.
Mid-NOV (6 days before Full Moon & 1 day after) -- TAUNG GYI Balloon Festival in Taung Gyi.
End-JUN or Early-JUL (Full Moon) -- WA ZOE (La Pyi) -- Take flowers to Pagoda. Visit Monastery.
Buddha goes to heaven to talk to angel about empty mind.
22 DEC -- Wah Birthday (& again 10 days after Full Moon)